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Policies and Code of Conduct

The Welbeloved Club abides by the following policies and Code of Conduct:


Complaints Policy and Procedure 

Equality and Diversity Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Transport Policy

Volunteer Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Child Protection Policy (relevant for Volunteers under 18 years of age)

You can find our Privacy Policy here

The Welbeloved Club Code of Conduct 

The Welbeloved Club is run entirely by volunteers providing a monthly lunch for socially isolated local people in our community over the age of 65.    All volunteers and members must be registered with The Welbeloved Club prior to being involved. 

We expect our volunteers and members to be respectful, courteous, and polite to each other and anyone else attending lunches (including visitors and entertainers) and to follow all of The Welbeloved Club policies and procedures including more detailed Code of Conducts in the Volunteer and Transport policies. 

Failure to abide by the Codes of Conduct and The Welbeloved Club policies may result in volunteers or members being asked to leave The Club by the Management Team.


If you would like further information or a copy of a particular policy, please email us at or call 07873 546001.

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