Sunday 7th July – Summer is here


Summer is well and truly here! Our numbers are continuing to grow with more enquiries coming in now more than ever. Everyone who calls me tells me how they’ve heard ‘such wonderful things’ about the club, and as they find themselves at a loose end on a Sunday they want to give it a go. We really look forward to meeting new faces each month so please do keep getting in touch!

As mentioned in the previous post, our menu changes slightly in the summer months to work with the hotter weather. This month homemade quiche was on the menu with potatoes and salad, followed by strawberries, cream and meringue. Mum covered the fruit in strawberry sauce and a sprinkle of sugar which definitely gave it that extra kick! It proved just as popular as our normal roasts and appeared to have gone down a treat.

I’m delighted that we have more and more younger volunteers wanting to take part. Our volunteer numbers are consistently high at the moment so, although I’m not actively advertising for them, I’m pleased to accept applications on a case by case basis. We have had volunteers complete part of their Duke of Edinburgh award with us, and other volunteers keen to form bridges between that generational gap. It’s inspiring to be able to provide that platform to younger people so keep them coming!

Thank you very much to the Bishop’s Stortford Woodwind Band who came to perform a few old hits. Entertainment after lunch is always appreciated by all and gives all our guests something to enjoy during their tea and coffee. This band I believe regularly perform to similar groups around the area and always do it free of charge. We loved having them with us and hope to see them again at Christmas time.


Thank you once again to our amazing volunteers who make running the club possible. Not only do we have the volunteers in the kitchen and in the hall helping to prepare, we have the volunteers who are driving to make sure the most isolated guests can still enjoy Sunday lunch with us. We have volunteers doing our laundry for us, donating equipment, stock and raffle prizes and of course, we have many loyal supporters continuing to spread the word in the community. We say thank you a lot, but it’s important we continue to recognise our wonderful helpers who have stuck by us since day one. So, THANK YOU!

Our raffle money this month went to Waverley Care, based in Edinburgh. Mum has brought two wonderful friends into my life (Steve and Grant I’m looking at you!) and we wanted to show our appreciation for the fab work Grant is doing as CEO of the charity. So, please take our donation as a contribution towards all of the support you provide families and their loved ones living with HIV and Hepatitis C.

Our next lunch is Sunday 4th August, where we welcome yet more faces to the club. See you there!