Sunday 4th March – our second lunch!


Sunday 4th March – our second lunch!

With our launch firmly under our belts, it wasn’t long before our second scheduled lunch had arrived!

With our launch proving so successful, my phone was inundated with calls in the days that followed, with people both wanting to rebook and new people wanting to join! I couldn’t have hoped for a better response and above all, I’m just so pleased everyone enjoyed himself or herself so much that they felt they wanted to come back. It’s important to me that everyone felt safe and looked after, as attending something like this alone can be a very daunting experience. It can be a very difficult thing to admit that you’re lonely, and before long it can feel that asking for company is too big an ask, so you are best to just sit alone.

On behalf of The Welbeloved Club, your company is wanted and cherished, and we can’t wait to meet you.

With that said, there is no doubt you will be welcomed with open arms.

I had a lovely lady call me after the launch, who explained she had moved into the area having lived most of her life in Lincolnshire. She lost her husband last year and many of her friends, so she had moved to be closer to her daughter. This lovely lady expressed her wish to meet new people, as she was spending a lot of time on her own, in a very unfamiliar area. She signed up and was SO brave, arriving on her own not really knowing how she was going to feel or what to expect. Believe it or not, after introducing myself I really didn’t need to do anything else. Another guest took her under her wing, and introduced her to a group of other ladies and sat her at the top of the table. I’m pleased to report, this lady has rebooked for Easter. Fab!

Lunch was prepared and served up yet again by our amazing team of volunteers. The menu this month was roast chicken with potatoes and veg, with Mum’s homemade Bakewell tart for afters. Safe to say, not much came back! While I’m here, I have to say a huge thank you to my mum Gill for her support this month. I recently started a new job, so my time is now very limited to evenings and weekends. Mum really took charge this month, sorting food and booking people in without me needing to follow up. I founded this project but really couldn’t do it with her so much of the credit really should go to my super Mum.

We held a raffle as it was so popular last month, and continues to be. Thank you to everyone who is continuously donating prizes – they are all so posh and lovely! It all adds to the experience so my sincere thanks to everyone.

I must also say thank you to Jane Warwick and Jean Palfreman, who have this month taken the burden of washing from us! They have very kindly washed and ironed all of our tablecloths, napkins and tea towels. I know they both feel it is so little but to us it saves us so much time. Thank you to you both.

We had some new volunteers join us this month as well, which was great. I cannot tell you, my team work like clockwork every month. Everyone knows what needs to be done, where things go, what time things need to be served and cleared away. The team consists of friends, friends of friends, family, godparents, ‘god sisters’ and now new friends. Everyone is so quick to compliment and praise me for thinking of the idea but now, other than booking people in and buying the odd ingredient, I really do not do a lot! Volunteers do everything else. They make the club what it is and I really don’t think I could have imagined what it has become.


Our next lunch is Sunday 1st April, Easter Sunday. I understand those that do have family close by use this occasion to celebrate together, but I wanted to continue with our lunch as there are many people that attend The Welbeloved Club who don’t have family to celebrate with. Other than Christmas, Easter is the only other annual event that closes the shops all day, fills pubs and restaurants with families and friends and empties houses of neighbours all going out for the day. It really doesn’t take much for someone to become isolated.

So, if you find yourself with no plans for Easter Sunday, please come and join us for roast lamb and trifle!

Jo x